Norman O. Houston Park, South, 8th Council District

Barrio Mobile Art Studio (BMAS)

presented by Self Help Graphics & Art

This aerosol mural painting workshop will focus on the Baldwin Hills Reservoir (now Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area) that flooded parts of the community due to oil drilling near fault lines, and draw relationships between a similar manmade flood in the Imperial Valley that destroyed the area where the Cucapá people lived for over 10,000 years, displacing the community and relocating them to the area that they currently inhabit in the settlement of Ejido Cucapá Mayor— sandwiched between a fault line, a desiccated portion of the Colorado River, and various landfills used for the dumping of construction materials.

Norman O. Houston Park
4800 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Neighborhood: Baldwin Hills

10am - 2pm