Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Central, 4th Council District

Museum Of Snaps

presented by Los Angeles County Museum of Art & Museum of Snaps

Museum of Snaps is an interactive new media artwork which utilizes the invisible communicative space that exists all around us that materializes onto our smartphones. The work seeks to build an art platform in thin air that becomes concrete once you use the application Snapchat. The work collaborates with art institutions and museums, with a different Snapchat-based artwork being created at each site through the use of the platform's geofilter functionality. These artworks will be created by the visitors and sent to one dedicated account. A compilation of all creations will be made and accumulated into the Museum of Snaps. In this way, viewers are empowered to create their own art and interact on multiple levels with the institutions. Visitors will be encouraged to use the dedicated filter on their snaps and send to the MuseumOfSnaps account, as well as LACMA and the LA Story on Snapchat in order for the artists to capture the user-generated content and perform the interactive component of the project. The artists who conceived the project, Phil America and Lucy Redoglia, will be on hand at LACMA using conversation as a medium to promote and facilitate visitor participation for the artwork.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

10am - 7pm