Central, 13th Council District

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake
1698 Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Neighborhood: Echo Park

Site Access

Echo Park Ave & Park Ave, Echo Park 90026
Notes for Drivers:

  • There is no parking lot designated for Echo Park Lake but ample street parking is available along Echo Park Ave, Park Ave, Bellevue Ave, and Glendale Blvd (please take note of parking signs and heed any restrictions).
  • Action is at the northeast corner of the site, just west of the intersection of Echo Park Ave and Park Ave.
  • In addition to street parking, several pay lots are located to the north of Echo Park Lake, at 1142 Lemoyne St, 1140 Logan St, and 1141 Echo Park Ave.

Echo Park Lake has easy bike access.

The artist collaborated with the following people on this project: Rafael Burillo (video documentation), Tony Moya and Mariana Maese (photography), Margarita Clary (production), Daniela Lieja (art project coordinator), Dyson & Womack (art production), and the support of Mor-Charpentier Gallery. Twenty artists residing in LA took part in the absorption actions: Aaron Maier, Bebe Jacobs, Bianca Ayala, Carina Clemente, Donato Mezzenga, Elise Wille, Fleurette West, George Egerton-Warburton, Guadalupe Rosales, Joe Galarza, Joseph Bolstad, Lucia Fabio, Marvin Zamora, Mayuko Kono, Oliver Sweet, Raul Báltazar, Tatiana Vahan, Tina Malek, Toro Castaño, and Yrneh Brown.

The artist would like to thank Sal Preciado (El Clasico Tattoo), Denisse Rodarte (Sunday’s Best), Reggie (Reggie’s Deli & Cafe), Elsy and Ranulso Martínez (Elsy’s Beauty Salon), Paolo Davanzo (Echo Park Film Center), Enrique del Rivero (Los Lavaderos Laundromats), and everyone who shared their stories all around LA with us.