The HUB, Central, 4th Council District


presented by U.G.L.A.R Works

Do not miss this family friendly event at the HUB where you can paint along side U.G.L.A.R Works a water-themed mural. They will also be sharing their experiences in making the book, The Ulysses Guide to the L.A.River, Vol. 1.

UGLAR Works is comprised of visual artists Evan Skrederstu, Christopher D. Brand, Steve Martinez, Espi, and author Ryan Gattis. They are each equipped with a unique set of skills and background; together they are able to collaborate seamlessly creating work that has a life of it’s own. UGLAR Works (which stands for Unified Group of LosAngeles Residents) are pre-certified muralists for the city of Los Angeles, honoring the mural heritage of public works projects done by Diego Rivera, Kent Twitchell, Wiilie Herron III, Siqueiros and others. The skillful writing of Gattis—paired with the visual work established by the previous members—creates an aesthetic that has not been seen before, providing groundbreaking opportunities for pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling and testing new artistic possibilities.

Above all, UGLAR is a group a storytellers, and they always have been. Their 2008 book, The Ulysses Guide to the L.A. River, Vol. 1, is a testament to that clear-eyed vision—not simply of where L.A. has been, but where it is going.

3306 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Neighborhood: Los Feliz

9am - 12pm