The HUB, Central, 4th Council District

Water as Future

presented by CURRENT:LA Hub

Thank you for the very engaging and generative discussions for the past 2 panels, Water as Material and Water as Power! We are thrilled to present our final conversation, Water as Future.

The discussion will be moderated by Conner Everts, who is the facilitator, director or advisor for multiple Water related organizations such as the Environmental Water Caucus, Southern Watershed Alliance , Desal Response Group, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water and Southern California Steelhead Coalition.

Conner will be in conversation with JT Reager, a hydrologist from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory who studies the Earth's water cycle with a particular focus on hydrologic extremes like floods and droughts, sea level rise and changing water resources; Miguel Luna from Urban Semillas, who is a longtime advocate of community playing an active role in policies; Ryan Camero, an arts activist and visual storytelling educator devoted to issues of inter-sectional justice, anti-oppression, and a primary focus against water privatization; Stephanie Pincetl, Professor in Residence and founding Director of the Sustainable Communities Center for UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability; William T. Van Wagoner, manager of Planning for the Water System from Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

And to keep your stomach full as you engage with this exciting discussion, we are pleased to have the India Jones Chow Truck to keep your hunger at bay.

About Current:LA:
CURRENT:LA Water is Los Angeles’ first citywide Public Art Biennial taking place July 16 through August 14, 2016, presented by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Public Art Division. The first presentation of the CURRENT:LA Public Art Biennial in 2016 is funded by DCA and Bloomberg Philanthropies through its Public Art Challenge initiative.

About Current:LA HUB:
The CURRENT:LA HUB invites a dialogue about water through a program of discussions and workshops intended to expand the discourse around the critical issues our city and our globe face together. It is also a centralized visitor center that houses CURRENT:LA maps, the Artist Lending Library, Food Trucks and more! Visit us at 3306 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

3306 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Neighborhood: Los Feliz

7pm - 9pm