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Comida a Mano

Reseda Recreation Center, Reseda, Council District 3

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About the Artist

Eva Aguila is a Los Angeles–based multimedia artist who works in sound, video, theater, and performance art, drawing inspiration from structuralist film practices. She cofounded and is the artistic director of Coaxial Arts Foundation, an artist-run nonprofit space in downtown LA dedicated to experimental sound, video, and performance art. Aguila cocreated Coaxial Arts Foundation as a way to expand the community of multimedia artists in Los Angeles. Through Coaxial, she records Experimental Half-Hour, a collaborative platform engaging worldwide musicians and performance artists via broadcast with her collaborative partner and husband, Brock Fansler.

About the Art

Eva Aguila of Coaxial Arts Foundation presents Comida a Mano, an installation and video screening at Reseda Recreation Center that celebrates cultural diversity by honoring cuisines around the world that prioritize eating with your hands. The use of hands for eating is common in many cultures, sometimes holding a special cultural significance. Celebrating this universal experience and her own Mexican heritage, Aguila’s installation comprises an outdoor earthen oven based on a Mexican comal (griddle). A tortillero artist activates the comal to demonstrate how to make traditional tortillas a mano (by hand) using the comal oven.

Co-curated with Arshia Fatima Haq, the evening will include a video screening of experimental and documentary short videos by artists Omolara Abode, Zeina Baltagi, Ciriza, Maria Maea, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, and by Echo Park Film Center youth students. Comal fabricated by JEM and Bob Dornberger.