Lucky Dragons

Δ (Delta)

Bee Canyon Park, Granada Hills, 12th Council District

About the Artist

Δ (read as delta) is the title character of a performance—occurring over one month through August 14—created for Bee Canyon Park. The role of Δ is performed daily by a solo, duo, or trio of performers who anonymously assume the Δ persona.

Using various tools including props, costumes, and staging materials, Δ communes with visitors through sounds, choreographed exchanges, dances, and musical gestures. Δ represents a mercurial messenger, a conduit, and a portal existing in multiple locations at once—present, accessible, and responsive to local and remote sites. Embodying the “grounding” of Los Angeles’s water and power infrastructure, which span vast distances, Δ is of the landscape—a bit of sediment washed down from the San Joaquin River Delta and a transplant from the source. Like a pool of water being treated, Δ signifies difference: changing states and dislocation in process and in dispute.

—Irene Tsatsos
Member, Curatorial Committee

Lucky Dragons is an ongoing collaboration between LA-based artists Sarah Rara (b. 1983, Livingston, New Jersey; lives and works in LA) and Luke Fischbeck (b. 1978, San Francisco; lives and works in LA). Lucky Dragons uses participation, dissent, perception, and attention as research methods for their performances and public art projects. They purposefully work toward a better understanding of existing ecologies through workshops, publications, and recordings. Lucky Dragons have presented collaborative work in a variety of contexts including REDCAT, the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, LA; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Hammer Museum, LA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Institute for Contemporary Arts, London; The Kitchen, New York; the Venice Biennale; Whitney Biennial, New York; and the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.; among others. Visit the artist’s website.

About the Art

"∆" ("Delta") is the title character of a series of unique performances that take place every weekday afternoon in Bee Canyon Park. Flowing in, flowing out, like a pool of water being treated—∆ signifies difference and dislocation, a changing state, in process and in dispute. Each afternoon, a new performer or group of performers anonymously assumes the ∆ persona, mimicking the elemental transit and purification of water.

See the Art:
Every Mon–Fri
4–6 pm