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Barcid Foundation

The HUB, Los Feliz, 4th Council District

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The Barcid Foundation is a nonprofit media arts organization founded to foster understanding of the culture, traditions and issues of contemporary Native Americans.

The foundation serves Native American and non-Native populations throughout Native Youth Multimedia Workshops which teach participants writing, directing, camera operation, and video editing; the Los Angeles Skins Film Festival, a film festival that takes place in Los Angeles during November and it promotes Native America cinema; Native American Director and Writer Workshops which mentor Native American artists on a professional level; and the Los Angeles Skins Music Festival, a summer music concert that promotes Native American contemporary musicians. Barcid Foundation's goal is to use media as a tool for cultural, educational, technological and economic development.

About the Program

The Native Current: Multimedia Workshop is a filmmaking program for ages 9-17 designed to introduce participants to new ways of thinking about the LA River. Participants will learn basic technical skills and gain hands-on experience by developing and producing a short video about the Los Angeles River on the theme of water highlighting the LA River's history, preservation, and ecology. In this workshop, participants will also learn about LA River’s history and how it provided local Native American tribes with food, water, clothing, shelter, and tools. At the end of the program, projects produced in the workshop series will be showcased on the Native Current: Multimedia Workshop website and in a final evening screening at the Hub. Equipment will be provided for use during the workshop which will begin promptly at 12Noon on each Sunday during the biennial. Space is limited to 15 participants for each workshop.