The Bowtie, Glassell Park, 1st Council District

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About the Programmer

Clockshop is a multifaceted non-profit arts organization that works at the intersection of cultural production, politics, and urban space.

Clockshop’s projects bring people together to explore the strange particularities of Los Angeles and situate the city in its global context. The organization curates conversations and screenings, and commissions new work from contemporary visual and performing artists. Clockshop is known for its unique collaboration with California State Parks, the Bowtie, through which the organization executes artist projects, campouts, and student field trips on a plot of undeveloped land adjacent to the LA River.

About the Program

Fuentes is a site specific performative installation for The Bowtie Project by Carmina Escobar. On each of four sites, a self powered speaker is placed as well as an array of lights. All the sites are connected to a central module, the performance space, which is at the center in between the 4 locations. In this center, or core of the installation, the sound is generated by the performance of Carmina Escobar using her voice and electronics to blend into the sound of the area. The sounds flow into the speakers at each site and the lights react to the sound produced at the core. The audience is invited to engage in a number of experiences from each of the four sites or at the core performance space, with each offering a unique audio-visual experience.