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The Golden Dome

Pershing Square, Downtown LA, Council District 14

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About the Programmer

The Golden Dome School is an autonomous educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying intersections of art, metaphysics, and ecology. Initially started by artist and mystic Eliza Swann, the Golden Dome School has developed dozens of public-based pedagogical, ceremonial, experiential, and interactive events nationwide and has collaborated with hundreds of artists, educators, mystics, and visionaries. The program for CURRENT:LA FOOD is curated by Edgar Fabián Frias, Patrick Mansfield, and Eliza Swann and features collaborators including Breadwoman, Fawntisse Finesse, Kwonyin, Leaving Records, Dylan Mira, Saewon Oh, Thaddeus Pedisich, Estela Sanchez, and Laura Stinger.

About the Program

The Golden Dome and its collaborators will bring people together to explore food and prismatic color at two gatherings that involve shared meals, tea ceremonies, performance, and sound. This project will address the deeper personal, social, spiritual, and political ways we can experience food and drink.