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UCLA Art Sci

Del Rey Lagoon Park, Playa Del Rey, 11th Council District

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About the Programmer

The UCLA Art|Sci Center is dedicated to pursuing and promoting the evolving “Third Culture” by facilitating the infinite potential of collaborations between (media) arts and (bio/nano) sciences.

Through UCLA’s Department of Arts & Architecture Design|Media Arts program and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), the center supports visiting research scholars and artists-in-residence from around the world. Through various lectures, mixers, and symposia, artists and scientists are brought together in order to mesh these cultures and inspire individuals to think about art and science as interrelated and a very relevant synergism of society. The Art|Sci Center also hosts the Sci|Art NanoLab Summer Institute for high school students, introducing them to the vast possibilities in the field of art|science for the present and future generations. The Art|Sci Collective—an international group of researchers and creatives—develops projects, workshops, performances, and exhibitions that address social, ethical and environmental issues related to scientific innovations. For CURRENT:LA, the core team — Victoria Vesna, Claudia Jaques, Dawn Faelnar, and Mick Lorusso— collaborates with evolutionary biologist Charles Taylor and nanoscientist Olivia Osborne.

About the Program

Two interrelated programs— Birdsong Diamond Wetlands at the Del Rey Lagoon in Ballona Wetlands and Water Canning at Westside Neighborhood Park— will focus on the interdependence of water and local ecologies. Waterbodies.org will serve as a hub to connect research, public art, and social awareness around water, including other projects featured in CURRENT:LA. The website also serves to promote public activities and events on birds as indicators of watershed health and creative relationships to water during drought that will take life through simple accessible augmented reality (available throughout the duration of the biennial), live hybrid (digital + physical) presentations, and a movable participatory social practice artwork. QR code tags distributed across the two locations will connect these locations to content featured on waterbodies.org.