Women’s Center for Creative Work

Women’s Center for Creative Work

Bee Canyon Park, Granada Hills, 12th Council District

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Founded in early 2013, the Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate Los Angeles’ feminist creative communities and practices.

Combining a co-workspace on the LA River in Frogtown, project incubation facilities, residency programs, a rapidly growing network of over 250 members, and a full calendar of artistic and professional development programming for female-identified creatives, WCCW advocates for women’s artistic careers and female-led creative projects and businesses in Los Angeles. The WCCW is a safe space where self-determination, respect and care for one's self and others is maintained above all else and where there is a radically expansive understanding of feminism, what is a woman, and what is female experience, as well as of creative practice. It is a place where the female identified are in in a place of preference, unqualified and unapologetically and where we advocate for feminism as an active and evolving practice. During weekdays, WCCW functions as a co-working space for its members, with resources including a print studio, kitchen, and a feminist library of over 3,000 volumes. Additional programming takes place most evenings and weekends, and ranges from dance performances to reading groups, arts and crafts workshops to lectures, professional development seminars to yoga and meditation, all geared towards female-identified creatives throughout Southern California and culled through a quarterly open call that strives to be as inclusive as possible, offering wide-reaching programming taught by and for a diverse group of professional artists and creatives, educators, and "non-artists" alike.

About the Program

Song of Eurydice is an interactive movement and choral performance of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice as a call to marginalized communities, picking up where the ancient tale left off. In this imagining, Bee Canyon Park is the stage and Eurydice is both hero and narrator accompanied by a Greek chorus of Stones made from a compelling combination of experienced performers and local community residents. An open call invites residents of all experience levels in the area to attend two workshops in Bee Canyon Park focusing on elements of performance and vocal music workshops to be integrated in a final performance. The workshops will be led by Euridyce choreographer and principle performer mecca vazie andrews and Euridyce composer and principle performer Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.